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TV Series | | Release Year: 2016

Episode Length: 30 min

IMDB Rating: 7.6 from 2,320 users

Writer: Scott Silveri

Stars: Minnie Driver, John Ross Bowie, Cedric Yarbrough, Mason Cook


Plot: A family with a child with special-needs is good at dealing with the challenges it faces and excellent at creating new ones.

Seasons: 1

SeriesSeasonEpisodeEpisode NameRelease Date
Season 1
Speechless Season 1 Episode 13 S-I-SICK D-A–DAY 18/01/2017
Speechless Season 1 Episode 12 H-E-R–HERO 11/01/2017
Speechless Season 1 Episode 11 R-O–ROAD T-R–TRIP 04/01/2017